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New development has no analogues in the world!

EFFICIENT, MOST SAFE FOR EYES OF A CHILD, THE DIAGNOSTIC METHOD AND TREATMENT OF STRABISMUS! STRABISMUS IS NOT A COLD, WILL NOT GONE IN VAIN! The strabismus for the MOST OF CHILDREN can be corrected with the help of corrective microprism glasses, an Ukrainian product. If surgery will be necessary, it will be ONLY ONE surgery!



New unique treatment for strabismus

Ukrainian scientists have developed a unique method for the treatment of strabismus. There are polycarbonate microprisms (Fresnel lenses). It was done with the participation of the Institute for Information Recording (IIR) and the Kyiv City Clinical Ophthalmological Hospital "Eye Microsurgery Center". The development have found wide support in Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. Due to the high quality of prisms made by IIR, it was possible to achieve the resumption of 100% binocular vision in prism glasses, which is the unique result in the world practice.



Fresnel prism eyesight correction information

A microprismatic lens is a strabismus compensator, which corresponds to special micro-relief structure on the surface of the transparent disk with a size of the lens holder of a trial spectacle frame. The developed products have significant advantages over traditional prismatic sets in terms of measurement range and ease of diagnosis.

Application of Fresnel prisms in ophthalmology

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